Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keep Your Dog Active In Bad Weather

Winter in Colorado can get pretty bitter, which makes things difficult for some breeds of dogs to stay active. Those of us that have short coat or lean built dogs can struggle to keep them active in the winter. On those days where the mercury is low, what can you do to get your dog some exercise when you can’t take them outside? I asked myself this question as I have a hyper girl who absolutely hates the cold. After a little research I found the following tips that I think are pretty handy, all of which can be done in warmth of your home or apartment!
Fetch Inside. This one makes sense, but I never really thought of it. Just find the longest open distance you have in your residence and simply play fetch. This works great in a longer hallway, or even on a staircase which will wear your pup out even quicker!
Back and Forth. This one requires at least 2 people. Set yourselves up on different ends of your residence, or in different rooms; and simply call the dog back and forth. Make your pup run around back and forth between the people in the house. This generally excites them because they are getting a lot of attention from multiple people at once!
Hide and Seek. Similar to the previous paragraph, you can hide from your pet and make them find you. Usually works great to wear them out as they are more mentally stimulated trying to hunt you down. If your dog isn't much of a hunter you can always try Chase! Where you chase your pet around the apartment and get them excited running around!
Hide a Treat. If you are not really keen on doing the hiding yourself, you can always just hide treats for your dog to find. This requires a little training as they have to know you are hiding the treat. Start with very easy hiding places and work your way up to more advanced hiding places.
Extra Attention. Sometimes all your dog really needs is a little extra attention, and maybe some snuggle time.
New Toys. If your dog loves playing with toys, bringing home some fresh toys for destruction can do the trick. You can also get toys that are actually games or puzzles in which your dog must work to get a treat. These tend to work for wearing your dog out as they require more mental stimulation.
Tug of War. Another easy way to wear your dog out while you sit on the couch is to find a rope toy and play tug of war with the dog. If your dog is into tug of war they will usually want to play for hours! If you want to be more active or involved there is always wrestling! Wrestling with your dog (Not too rough) can wear them out quickly if you keep them moving and playing, also it gets them more physical attention which they love!
Doggie Daycare. If you can afford to take your dog to doggie daycare this is a great way to make sure your dogs is worn out by the end of the day! While you are at work your dog will be socializing, and running around in a warm building with other dogs having fun.
Treadmill. This one is another that requires training as most dogs are not going to be keen on walking on a moving object. This one seems more likely for dogs that need to burn a lot of energy and some hard playing will not get the job done. I did not believe that people would walk their dogs on the treadmill, but it is actually a very common thing.

As you can see there are a number of ways to keep your pet active when the weather turns cold. I know my dog and I both tend to gain a little weight during winter, but make sure you keep your pup active. If you know any other ways that you keep your dog active in the winter, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tick Season

I was wondering today about Ticks in Colorado as it is "that time of year." I found some information that I thought we should be passing along to our readers! The summation of this article is that tick prevention is more than worth it seeing as how much curing disease involves. To read the article and see their recommendations click HERE. To visit our website to see pricing, and selection click HERE. Have fun with your pets this summer, but be sure to keep them safe!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Messing with your dogs feet

I read a blog post put out by Canidae pet foods the other day and thought it would be a good one to share! I constantly have struggles with my dog on the nail clippings, but this gave me a good reason to calm down and not be so frustrated with it. If you are interested in why your dog doesn't let you mess with his or her feet click HERE to read the blog.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Human foods you should NOT share with your dog

Easter has passed, and this got me thinking about how much chocolate I have sitting around my house. Which made think about what would happen if my dog ate it? I know Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but how bad is it? Also what other human foods are bad for my dog? My first order of business was to dispose of the chocolate so my dog was safe; so I ate it…unfortunately I ate all of it which led me to feel sick to my stomach. Then I began my research, which upon further review there are quite a few foods that can make your dog sick or worse. Some are quite obvious (Chocolate, medicine, any fruit with a pit) and others are kind of a shocker (grapes, Onions, Milk). So here is my list with a short explanation as to why (I have a list of resources at the bottom for more details):

Chocolate: The ingredient in Chocolate that is poisonous for dogs is called Theobromine. A good rule to know is the darker the chocolate the worse it is. If your dog eats white chocolate it will probably be ok just be sure to monitor them. If your dog eats Dark Chocolate depending on his size and how much you should probably get your dog to the vet!

Avocado: Avocados contain Persin mainly in the leaves, seed, and bark this is mainly seen in Guatemalan variety. Dogs are allergic to Persin, which can cause Diarrhea, vomiting, and heart congestion.

Bread Dough: Homemade bread dough contains yeast which causes the bread to rise and expand, it will do the same in your dog’s stomach. You can understand why this is bad, it will cause your dog’s stomach to expand and will cause a great deal of pain. Also as the yeast multiplies it creates alcohol as a by-product which can cause alcohol poisoning in your dog and could result in death.

Alcohol: Even a small amount of alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning in your pets. If your pet ingests any alcohol be sure to monitor them for vomiting, seizures, disorientation. If symptoms worsen take them to a vet immediately for monitoring.

Grapes/Raisins: These foods have been linked to Liver Damage, and Kidney Failure. The weird part is some dogs were affected one time and not affected another. Even just a hand full of grapes can be life threatening for you dog!

Macadamia Nuts: This one is less life threatening, but can cause some severe discomfort for up to 48 hours, and could still result in death. Symptoms include weakness, paralysis of hindquarters, and vomiting. Be sure to monitor these symptoms closely.

Onions/Garlic: These will destroy your dog’s red blood cell count leading to anemia. Most dogs would have to ingest quite a bit to get very sick, but it is probably a good idea to avoid them.

Sugarless Gum: Sugarless gum contains an artificial sweetener called Xylitol which causes an over-release of insulin which can cause organ failure.               

Caffeine: In large enough quantities can be fatal to dogs. There is no antidote for this, so be careful.

This is just a short list of human foods that are potentially hazardous for your dog. Check out the resources below for more foods, and more detail. I hope this offers some insight the next time you think about giving sparky some table scraps! There are plenty of items that are ok to share with your pets, but we will save that for another day!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fort Collins Pet Laws

Below are the most common infractions people are cited for in Fort Collins. Each is a quick synopsis so you can gain a better understanding and avoid a citation!

Leash Laws – Any and all dogs on city or public land must be on a leash. The only public area where dogs are allowed off leash in Fort Collins is at one of the Dog Parks in town. For the full list of City owned dog parks click here.

Licensing – All dogs and cats 4 months and older in Larimer County must be licensed through the Larimer Humane Society. If they are not properly licensed you can be written a citation.

Rabies Vaccination – All dogs and cats in Fort Collins must be up to date on their rabies vaccination. You can be written a citation if they are not, also you will not be able to license them until this is done.

Pet Waste – As the owner of a pet, you are responsible for the removal of all pet waste on public and private property (not owned by owner of pet). If you are caught not picking up your pet waste, you will be written a citation.

Animal Disturbance of peace and quiet – The owner of an animal shall not allow said animal to create noise problems for neighboring homes or apartments. Noise problems would be barking loud and for excessive periods of time, whining and or yelping loud or for excessive amount of time, howling or squawking loud or for excessive amount of time. We all know dogs bark and birds squawk, it becomes a problem when this happens continuously throughout the day. Once a complaint has been made Animal Control will leave a notice, and if nothing is done to remedy this problem investigative actions will be taken. You could be written a citation.

Quantity of Pets – A pet owner is not permitted to keep more pets on their property than can be properly maintained in a healthy condition. The amount of pets must not create a health or safety hazard for the owner, neighboring persons, or animals.

Obviously the paragraphs above are not the exact laws and regulations in Fort Collins, for a more detailed description on each and many more click here. Below are the rules for all City of Fort Collins Dog Parks:
  •  Owners must clean up after their pets.
  • No aggressive dogs allowed.
  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.
  • Puppies under 4 months prohibited.
  • Spayed/Neutered Animals recommended.
  • Leaving dogs unattended prohibited.
  • Limit 3 dogs per visit.
  • Dogs in heat prohibited.
  • Young children must be supervised.
  • Owners must carry a leash at all times.
  • Please keep gates closed.
In the future we will write a blog on livestock, and Chicken laws as the majority of the above laws do not apply to them!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Company Profile: Spring Naturals Pet Foods

Spring Naturals is a line of dog and cat food created by Performance Pet Products which has been producing pet foods since 1946. Their mission in creating Spring was, “to develop a complete family of wholesome products that would provide no-compromise pet nutrition. Every recipe would be made with only select, market-quality ingredients from sources in the United States [1].”  Spring Naturals believes in a “Whole Food Nutrition Philosophy;” meaning they use only whole ingredients no meals or by-products. They also believe a Low-Glycemic food is a great way to keep your pet happy and healthy.

In all Spring Natural Diets Fresh whole meat is the first ingredient! The available proteins are: Beef, Salmon, Lamb, Turkey, and Chicken. This is great for rotating as they have many options to keep your pet from becoming bored or developing an allergy to a specific protein. On top of their whole meat protein sources Spring Naturals uses whole chickpeas, green peas, and eggs for additional natural sources of protein.

Whole Fruits are another great part of this diet! Spring uses fruits such as Cranberries, Blueberries, and Apricots because they are high in antioxidants and help maintain a healthy immune system.

Garden Fresh Vegetables are used in all diets. Spring uses Carrots, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Dandelion Greens (prebiotic), and Whole Tomatoes. These provide great health benefits and are fiber rich for digestion.

Along with traditional Dinner diets that include whole grains, Spring Naturals has a wonderful Grain Free line of foods with the same proteins.

Spring Naturals is available at all Poudre Pet and Feed Supply locations. For more information on Spring Naturals foods, or company visit any Poudre Pet and Feed location and talk with us. Or visit with us at any upcoming events this summer!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Frozen Bones are great for your dog!

There are some common misconceptions that divert people from using frozen marrow bones. This is too bad frozen raw bones are actually great for your dog, and will keep them occupied much longer than most treats.

Many believe that bones will splinter and are difficult for dogs to digest. This is true for cooked bones, but Frozen Raw Bones are highly digestible and very rarely splinter. The cooking process tends to alter the structure of the bone which causes it to weaken and splinter.  However frozen raw marrow bones are structurally sound, and have so many benefits to your dog’s overall health!!

The first benefit is actually pretty huge. Frozen Marrow Bones are fantastic for dog’s teeth and overall dental health, “Plaque and tartar can build up on a dog’s teeth offsetting the balance of good bacteria in the mouth which leaves way for infection and disease to spread.”[1]. Most people do not realize that dental problems in dogs can lead to many worse problems. Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy is very important. Frozen Marrow bones are great for teeth and gum health; the left-over meat and tendons on the outside of the bone work almost like dental floss to clean the teeth as your dog chews. Plaque and tartar build up is usually the cause of bad breath, so by feeding raw bones fairly regularly (I try for once a week) you can help keep that breath smelling fresh and the teeth and gums healthy!

Another benefit of frozen marrow bones is they offer a great source of calcium and phosphorous which is necessary for your dog to maintain their bone health. The marrow inside the bones tends to be a little bit fatty, so this is great for dogs that need to gain some weight. Dogs with very sensitive stomachs may get diarrhea from the marrow but most will adjust and do great on them.  Frozen bones are a fantastic way to keep a dog busy while you are entertaining guests, or even just to give you a break from the amount of attention they require. My dog will chew a frozen bone for upwards of 3 hours straight; it’s also a fantastic oral workout for them! 

As with every treat we sell I recommend being present while your dog is chewing a frozen marrow bone, as there is always a risk with anything they chew on. Be sure the bone is the proper size for your dog. Do not give a large dog a tiny bone or choking is a definite possibility. Frozen bones are a fantastic way to help keep your dog healthy and happy. It can be scary to try new things with our dogs, but if you can get over that your dog will love you for it! We carry a large variety of frozen bones so please stop by and ask us our opinions as we love to talk about the benefits of frozen bones!!